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Tonka Bean Ice Cream

If you need to read just how much I love tonka, then please see the beginning of this post, otherwise enjoy this ludicrously rich ice cream that I made up to use the rest of the beans. The egg to cream ratio looks a bit heavy on the egg, but it comes out with a beautiful texture and won’t go too solid in a domestic freezer.

I was having a few people over for dinner, needed a pudding and simply plopped a bit of this on top of some raspberries and caramel popcorn. It may not to be the most hard core culinary challenge, but it took less than two minutes and tasted fantastic. It was also really good fun. Raspberries offset the tonka beautifully and the caramel popcorn, though you may not believe me, does a great job of reinforcing the otherwise slightly whispy notes of caramel in the tonka itself.

The blackberries you see here are worth a shot too.


6 egg yolks
600ml double cream
50ml whole milk
1 tonka bean, grated
200g castor (superfine) or granulated sugar

Melting because I'm slow


Combine the milk, cream and tonka bean and bring to a gentle simmer
Remove from the heat and leave (with a lid on) to infuse for about 20 minutes
Meanwhile, whisk up the egg yolks with the sugar until white and foamy
Add the warm, infused dairy to the egg yolks and whisk well
Sieve the mixture into a clean pan and gently warm, stirring constantly
Don’t let it thicken to custard texture, but to that of a thin creme anglais
When ready, remove from the heat and place the pan in an ice bath
Churn in ice cream machine and mature for a few hours in the freezer

To assemble like I have

Scatter some raspberries and blackberries across a plate
Sprinkle some Butterkist caramel popcorn over the top (yup)

Add a couple of scoops of ice cream
A little bit of crystallised tarragon, chervil or mint would go brilliantly too

It’s really very yummy.

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